No matter the day of the week, or the time of day, if you go on a ride with Soren through Santa Barbara, it is guaranteed several cyclists will wave and yell, "SOREN!" as you pass by. Known for his dedication to cycling and commitment, to educate, mentor and coach athletes. Soren is a staple in the cycling community of Santa Barbara

His passion for riding spans several decades not only in road cycling but in racing mountain bikes and motocross. Soren has worked with some of the best coaches in the cycling world. He gives special thanks to Barney King, Ron Cates and Dominic Malvestuto (R.I.P). As a junior cyclist to an adult racer, Soren brings a wealth of knowledge and race experience to his coaching abilities. 

Soren is a licensed Level II cycling coach with USA Cycling and works with several programs including Echelon Cycling club of Santa Barbara, RYBT Rivera Youth Bike Team, just to name a few. Soren has raced for several teams in his cycling career: as a hired domestique for many of these teams, the glorious leadout man, and the work horse. A rider that can dedicate himself to teams is a coach you want to have on your side.