Galaxy Gold Sprints

Galaxy Gold Sprints Roller Racing is the only cycling event in Santa Barbara, CA, where spectators can see the start to finish live without moving! The racers speed and results are projected on a screen behind them for the crowd to see and cheer on the sprinters. As racers win 1-on-1 matches, they progress deeper into the bracket. The races are short, simple, quick, and fun! Competitors can be anyone. Wear whatever you have on. This is a race for racers and non-racers with goal of having fun with a friendly undertone of competitiveness. Galaxy Gold Sprints was developed as a fundraising effort to support the Galaxy Cycling programs.

And, of course, having as much fun as possible!


What is Galaxy Gold Sprints Roller Racing?

Here is an example from a fundraiser for ALS at Road n Track Los Angeles.

Galaxy Gold Sprints is similar to bicycle roller racing. Fixed gear bikes are on attached to front fork stands so that the riders don't have to balance, only pedal as fast as they can. Two Track bikes get hooked up to trainers - the forks lock in the front and the rear wheel spins on rollers. Two participants battle out a pre-defined distance on bicycle rollers connected to a digital timing system at speeds in excess of 20+ miles per hour. Game on!

All of us with Galaxy Cycling want to promote all aspects of cycling and training. We felt a good way to raise awareness and have some fun was to create Galaxy Gold Sprints.
— Soren Molina, Founder and Manager - Galaxy Cycling

Interested in hosting your own Galaxy Gold Sprints for a party or fundraiser?

Contact Soren Molina for more information.